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800 Crafting Quest, Camelot

All items 96% or better


"(old)" below is pre-1.74e (see )
(old) [proceed]
(old) [errands] (wc has [favor])
(old) [do them] (wc has [Can you])
(old) (shortcut is "/say delivering" for fletch)
(old) [fletch] /say delivering make the bow make livyn a bow gift smarter want
[alchemy] /whisper stable fire mithril tincture adventure favor thank you gift smarter want
[spellcraft] /whisper faceted ashen sigil adventure Malpheus says thanks gift smarter want
[tailor] /whisper find someone willing to do this thank you gift smarter want

[tailor] start at Arliss Eadig (27331 22838, downstairs)
[armorcrafting] start at Loraine Elgen (25337 17909, upstairs)
[fletch] start at Acey Dalston (25205 19272, downstairs)
[weaponcraft] start at Hephas Elgen (24921 17340, upstairs)
[spellcraft] start at Clayton Gage (28100 14200, upstairs)
[alchemy] start at Adelaide Dinsmore (28100 14200, downstairs)

[tailor] adamantium reinforced lamellar gloves
[tailor] adamantium reinforced lamellar boots
[armorcraft] mithril improved mail gloves
[armorcraft] mithril improved mail boots
[armorcraft] which requires embossed siluric leather liners
[fletch] stonewood heavy longbow
[weaponcraft] adamantium needle mace
[weaponcraft] adamantium weighted flail
[spellcraft] faceted ashen sigil
[spellcraft] precious dusty essence jewel
[spellcraft] precious heated essence jewel
[alchemy] stable fire mithril tincture
[alchemy] volatile fire mithril weapon tincture
[alchemy] elixir of deftness
[alchemy] elixir of might

visit trade master
[weaponcraft] Give items to trade master
[weaponcraft] done (skip remaining steps)
[spellcraft] give faceted ashen sigil to trade master
[alchemy] give stable fire mithril tincture to trade master

Humberton (keep)
[fletch] give wood to Livyn, dialog
[fletch] hand bow to Livyn
[fletch] skip to Camelot City below (do not go to Ludlow or Cotswold)
[spellcraft] hand dusty essence jewel to Livyn
[alchemy] give volatile fire mithril weapon tincture to Livyn
[tailor and armorcraft] dialog with Livyn

Ludlow, give item to Malphaeus
[spellcraft] skip to Humberton below (do not go to Cotswold)

Cotswold, give item to Dwight Edwards

Humberton (keep), dialog with Livyn
[spellcraft] /whisper Malphaeus says thanks
[tailor, armorcraft, alchemy] Humberton (keep), Livyn, /whisper thank you

Camelot City, visit trade master
[fletch] /whisper make Livyn a bow